Our goal at the Winnowing Church is to be used of God to bless the body of Christ. Our name is taken from a harvesting term associated with manifesting the best in us through fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We desire to help the people of God resolve issues that potentially hinder them from fulfilling all that God has purposed. We believe that our efforts agree with the flow of the Holy Spirit and result from prayer, time of meditation, and study of the Word of God.

At the Winnowing Church our motto is, “Experience the Breath of the Holy Spirit!”. Our goal is to be led by the Spirit of God as we navigate all the issues and challenges of life and ministry. Our services are prophetic, anointed and spirit-filled and are conducted in concert with the Spirit of God. We invite you to worship with us via livestream and to support our many events.

We invite you to come and grow with us. Our ministry is totally virtual and open to all of God’s people without exception.