Youth Ministry

At the Winnowing Church we believe that our youth are the church of tomorrow as well as today.  Our youth leadership team is constantly striving to provide forums to discuss issues relevant to daily challenges that face our youth while offering appropriate fellowship and teaching opportunities.  Our goal is to recognize that the challenges before our youth are great yet we strive to provide them with the support of spirit-filled believers.  Our youth activities are structured to help our youth navigate these challenges while maintaining their spiritual balance, salvation, and fellowship with Jesus Christ. Among our many activities are movie nights and skating and bowling nights; we want our youth to enjoy the Lord inside and outside the four walls of our church.  Our Youth Sunday services occur every second Sunday of each month. 

Women’s Ministry

Our Women are on the move.  Our women fellowship meetings are held once each month as a lady’s night out.  The focus of this ministry is to support the vision of the Winnowing Church.  Our Women’s Sunday is held coincidental with our Missionary Sunday services which occur every fourth Sunday of each month.  During our women’s meeting the women receive Godly counsel from our church mothers as well as from Lady Laura Covington who is the Women’s Ministry leader.    

Evangelism Ministry

Our evangelism ministry is the life blood of our outreach ministry and church growth efforts.  This ministry is the face of the Winnowing Church to our local community.  Our evangelism ministry is actively providing invitations to fellowship at the Winnowing Church.  The evangelism ministry serves as the hand of God in the community by providing clothing, food, and the love of Jesus Christ to those who are in need and who are hurting.  Our goal is to reach as many people as we can for the Kingdom of God.  All of our members are active evangelism team members. Throughout the year our evangelism team plans and executes national conferences for the purpose of soul-winning, ministering to the broken-hearted, deliverance of those in bondage, and healing of the sick.    

Prayer Ministry

Our pastor is the leader of our prayer ministry.  The Winnowing Church is founded upon prayer and accurate teaching of the Word of God.  The purpose of our prayer ministry is to build a foundation for ministry, meet the needs of people, and discern the voice of God in order to accomplish the will of God in the earth.